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Antique Rose has worked with a number of organizations to bring the beauty and colour of floral arrangements to different workspaces. We have successfully enhanced the atmosphere in reception areas, meetings rooms, offices, and other corporate environments.

This web site presents a number of different floral arrangements for corporate spaces. By specifying the item name and number, you can order the arrangement for the suggested location or any other space you need to brighten on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can specify the colours and kinds of flowers you would like to include in the arrangement. Or you can leave it up to us to design something specially for you.

Contact Antique Rose or use the floral order form so that we can deliver the arrangement you desire.

In addition to individual arrangements, Antique Rose is able to provide a collection of floral designs for conferences, conventions, symposiums, sales and customer gatherings, staff social events, and other corporate occasions. Contact Antique Rose so that we can discuss your requirements. You can also browse photographs of floral arrangements designed by Antique Rose for previous events.

Antique Rose always uses fresh cut flowers in season. If a certain flower in an arrangement can not be obtained, an alternative flower of equal or greater value will be used.

Floral design by Antique Rose Flower Shop Toronto
Floral design by Antique Rose Flower Shop Toronto
Floral design by Antique Rose Flower Shop Toronto